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Santa Maria personal injury lawyer

If you have been injured and need a knowledgeable Santa Maria personal injury lawyer, contact William Zuber. Call (805)473-1272 today to speak with a representative or send email to .

Personal Injury Case Recovery

The first thing you may want to know upon entering the office of your Santa Maria personal injury lawyer is how much money you can recover for your injury. There are several things that will be considered, but it is rarely certain early on how much a case will be worth.

Medical Bills
Your Santa Maria personal injury lawyer will first take a look at your medical bills, as they factor in largely to any recovery amount. Both the amount of the bills and the means by which these costs were incurred will be important.   Estimated cost of potential future medical care may be an important part of your case as well.

Your Injury
The severity of your injury also factors in to how much money you will receive. Were you hospitalized as a result of your injury? Is pain ongoing? Will the injury be permanent or leave any permanent disfigurement? Your Santa Maria personal injury attorney will explain that if your daily activities have been limited as a result of your injury, this will also affect your recovery amount.

Your Santa Maria personal injury lawyer will explain that there are several types of losses that will be looked at in determining an appropriate recovery amount. These losses include monetary losses, such as lost wages, loss of other employment benefits or loss of earning capacity.   Other losses may include property damage or loss of use of your vehicle.

Other Factors
Other factors your Santa Maria personal injury attorney will go over with you are things like any laws pertinent to your claim, for instance the Statute of Limitations which limits the rights of an individual to sue for personal injury damages if they do not file a formal complaint in court within a certain period of time.  Another factor may be whether or not your claim involves a potentially uninsured or underinsured motorist.
Your Santa Maria Personal Injury Lawyer
The right Santa Maria personal injury attorney can also make a difference in your settlement. If you have been injured, you need an attorney who is knowledgeable in handling personal injuries claims so that your case has the greatest chance of success. Contact Santa Maria personal injury lawyer William Zuber today at (805)473-1272 or send an email to for more information.